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SPOON’s newest nutrition resource takes to the web

May 2, 2012 | post a comment

SPOON is excited to announce the launch of – the companion website to our work with Joint Council to improve nutrition and feeding for orphaned children around the globe.

Millions of children on this planet are deprived of permanent parental care, living instead in orphanages, group homes and institutions. While their caregivers do their best to provide optimal care to these children, science-based training and resources on nutrition and feeding practices to help identify nutrition deficiencies are often unavailable.

At the heart and center of SPOON’s mission and work is the understanding that proper nutrition is critical to every child’s growth and development. So we’re excited about the role that this new resource will play in meeting a real need for children around the world. The site will act as an international portal with access to a free library of nutrition resources, collection of training materials and general information on common needs and nutrition issues among this population of children. Over time, the site will be available in multiple languages; plans are underway to translate the content into Mandarin, Chinese by the end of the year. is one facet of A Child’s Best Start – a program initiated by Mead Johnson Nutrition Foundation and Joint Council to improve nutritional care for children living in vulnerable conditions around the world. SPOON is delighted to have been chosen to partner in this project, which will provide important nutrition information to individual caregivers through on-the-ground training in facilities located everywhere from major cities in China to small towns in rural Mexico.

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