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Nauryz – a celebration of life!

March 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

Saida Kereyeva, the director of SPOON’s sister organization in Kazakhstan, shares a glimpse into Nauryz – Kazakhstan’s March 22nd celebration of spring and new life.

Children in baby houses across Kazakhstan will celebrate Nauryz with their caregivers this week - stay tuned for pictures in an upcoming post.

On March 22nd, people across Kazakhstan will gather with family and friends to celebrate Nauryz (pronounced “Now-reez”). Not just a modern celebration, this holiday of renewed life has been celebrated for over five thousand years by many cultures of Asia.

Today’s festival still incorporates ancient themes such as joy, good luck, wisdom, health, prosperity and growth. In the modern era, it’s grown beyond ornate yurts and delicious traditional foods to include charitable events, folk sporting games, tending plants, planting trees, and community clean-up of public spaces.

The ancient holiday of Nauryz has truly become a part of modern life, preserving the old traditions – and celebrating spring, work and unity.

Loving caregivers in Kazakhstan’s baby houses bring life-sustaining care to thousands of young children living without families to call their own. Join SPOON in celebrating new life this Nauryz by making a $25 “Nauryz wish” in honor of a caregiver in Kazakhstan. Saida will deliver the wishes to the baby houses – and each wish will support SPOON’s work to bring better nutrition to children in Kazakhstan’s baby houses and beyond.

With gratitude – and wishes for a happy, healthy spring!
The SPOON team

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