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More updates from Monday in KZ

May 29, 2012 | post a comment

By way of story, I’ll introduce you to some of the other members of our team:

I’m joined in Kazakhstan by SPOON board members and medical advisors Dr. John Himes, Dr. Dana Johnson and Dr. Mary Hearst from the University of Minnesota. At my side are also SPOON Curriculum Designer Kate Ward and SPOON board member, Jeff Erlich, former President of Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia. (Read more about our team.)

Yesterday Saida, Jeff, Kate and I had lunch with Asiya, ED of the Women’s League of Creative Initiative. She is known here as the chief advocate in the NGO community for women’s and children’s rights and is eager to partner with us to bring feeding and nutrition training to baby houses and orphanages, as well as parents of children in foster care (known here as “patronat”) and adopted children in KZ. From there we went to the craft fair in Almaty and to the supermarket to load up on KZ chocolates for our international guests (including a few for yours truly. They know their chocolate in KZ!).

In the evening, Jeff, Kate, John and I huddled in our room to do some last minute meeting planning for today’s appointments with Nestle and KAP. All are holding up well and despite the huge professional and personal demands that linger at home and on their laptops, are 100% here in mind and spirit.

Dana comes in late this evening, direct from the orphanages of Hong Kong. Mary is stuck in Frankfurt and should arrive around midnight, poor thing. What is now a quiet hotel should be buzzing by this evening with over a hundred delegates to the conference – baby house directors from KZ and key delegations from Tajikistan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan. No more leaving the room with unbrushed hair! : )

This day was full in so many other ways – more updates to come, with support from the SPOON team in the US…


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